I am a proud Wiradjuri woman, born in Wagga Wagga on Wiradjuri Country.  I have been fortunate enough to grow up with just enough Country to connect with Mother Earth, and just enough city to connect with some incredible people. I am so lucky to still live in Wagga Wagga and am remarkably grateful for the life I get to live each day.

 The Wiradjuri Peoples are the people of the three rivers- The Murrambidya (Murrumbidgee) on which I live, the Kalare (Lachlan) and the Wambuul (Maquarie). The land in which we care for is also bordered by the Murray River. My old people were skilled hunters, fishermen and gatherers. Today, I raise my four children here on Wiradjuri Country, passing down knowledge and traditions, and ensuring they are connected to our culture and Country.

My creativity escapes in many ways and my favourite way is though art, particularly painting. As a child I was inspired by my father, with whom my Aboriginal heritage comes from. Almost daily, my dad found a new hobby or interest, carrying with him an amazing ‘how hard can it be’ attitude. I was gently encouraged by my mother, who saw the amazing souls she was raising and guided us to follow our intuitive strengths, however they presented themselves.

My need to create is much deeper than a hobby, for me it is essential. Art is a way of living- a form in which to communicate, a therapy. I have an innate sense of fulfillment and emotional strength when I paint. Something I have searched for over years.  I use my art to tell stories- all of which are based around one of three things- connection, Country and experience. 

I don’t believe I will ever stop creating. I have so many projects, wishes, plans and adventures waiting in the pipeline to be explored.

As for the future, all I can do is continue to grow. To spread kindness like wildfire and to positively influence those around me. I will continue to learn more about myself and my interests. I will continue to learn more about who I am and how I can add to the fulfilment in which I have found through art and culture. I will always be a giver, a peacemaker and a friend. This time is for me and I am so excited that you are here on my journey as I paint my heart out.

Mandaang Guwu, 

Amanda xx


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