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I am a proud Wiradjuri woman and artist, born in Wagga Wagga on Wiradjuri Country. 

As a child I was inspired by my father, with whom my Aboriginal heritage and creativity come from. 

As an adult, I have an innate sense of fulfilment and emotional strength when I paint. Something I have searched for over years.  

I use my art to tell stories- all of which are based around one of three things- connection, Country and experience. 

Come on this journey with me as I paint my heart out. 


Amanda Hinkelmann | Aboriginal Artist

Guided instinctually throughout this body of work, Amanda responded to each piece through an intuitive process, allowing the artwork to take her to faraway, ethereal escapes.

This collection of artwork reflects a dreamlike, indistinct locale- a place where reality doesn’t exist.

Original artwork created using acrylic, oils and other medium, each piece will transform you into a reality existing only in your imagination.

Aboriginal Indigenous Art Prints

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Limited Edition Prints

Gurruway stories of the night Print Collection

This collection of fine-art prints focuses on stories of the night. It etches and reminisces, recalling precious experiences in time. Relying on moment and memory, these artworks link ancient practice to modern happenings through heritage, connection and one’s own experience.

  • Framed in a bespoke American Ash frame
  • Ready to hang
  • Free shipping Australia-wide
  • World-wide shipping available
  • Certificate of Authenticity included

Original Artworks

One-off, original artworks available now.

All artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity and story, telling the collector of the artwork’s inspiration and meaning.

All original artworks are framed in a bespoke timber float frame and are ready to hang, hand signed by Amanda both on the front and back of the piece.


Dabaa-Malang Fine-Art Print Release

The Dabaa-Malang collection expresses a connectedness between people and place. It tells stories of reciprocity, care and knowledge, whilst exploring the deep history Aboriginal people have with this land, and the way in which they care for it, and each other.

There are a total of ten artworks within the collection, all of which will be released as limited edition, fine-art prints.


Australian Aboriginal Art Commissions

Commissioning an artwork ensures you receive a piece of art made especially for you, with your own story, ideas and meaning behind the piece.

The commission process is relatively simple. I work with collectors to ensure they get a piece that is just right for them.

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